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Precision machined components

A variety of components are produced with the help of precision machining, which we use on daily basis.  Precision machined components brought the revolution in many industries such as an automobile, electrical & manufacturing and continuously getting enhanced day by day.

We manufacture all types of precision machined components.

ferrous castings 
non ferrous castings

Non-Ferrous Castings

Aluminium Base Alloys                        

1. Aluminium Commercial

2. Aluminium Alloys             

Copper Base Alloys                                

1. Gun Metal                            

2. Phosphor Bronze            

3. Aluminium Bronze         

Ferrous Castings

  • C.I.                                           
  • S.G.
  • Ni Hard


A gauge is a instrument or a devices used to measure or confirm the dimensions.

Gauges plays a very important role in a checking phase of a component. Here in SPARK ENTERPRISES gauges are manufactured with superior accuracy and excellent quality. We manufacture following types of gauges :-

1. Checking Gauges.

2. Relation Gauges.


We manufacture Jaw Type Flexible Couplings

  • A jaw coupling is a type of general purpose power transmission coupling that also can be used in motion control (servo) applications. It is designed to transmit torque (by connecting two shafts) while damping system vibrations and accommodating misalignment, which protects other components from damage. 
  • Jaw couplings are composed of three parts: two metallic hubs and an elastomer insert called an element, but commonly referred to as a "spider". The three parts press fit together with a jaw from each hub fitted alternately with the lobes of the spider. 
  • Totally unaffected by water, petroleum product & heat.
  • Easy & Fast installation, Simple to align.
  • Easy Maintenance & Reduced downtime.

New product Development Support
New Idea

New product development (NPD) is the process of bringing a new product to the marketplace. Your business may need to engage in this process due to changes in consumer preferences, increasing competition and advancements in technology or to capitalise on a new opportunity. Innovative businesses thrive by understanding what their market wants, making smart product improvements, and developing new products that meet and exceed their customers' expectations. 

If your are working on a new product and looking for a technical assistance then feel free to contact us.